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SuperHost® Customer Service Training


SuperHost® offers affordable, relevant and quality customer service training for front-line employees in the tourism industry.


The SuperHost® Course Suite provides affordable, up-to-date customer service training relevant to frontline workers in every industry. Delivered online and in the classroom, SuperHost® equips customer service representatives with the practical skills and knowledge they need to meet and exceed customer expectations. 

Since its launch in 1985, SuperHost® has set BC's goldstandard for excellent customer service. 

Why become SuperHost Certified?

For You - 

  1. Competitive advantage in the job market
  2. Improving transferable skills such as communication, conflict resolution and teamwork
  3. Practical knowledge to create superior customer service experiences

For Your Business - 

  1. Improve customer satisfaction
  2. higher sales and higher profits
  3. Empowering employees and a happier, more productiveworkplace

Participants should bring their own personal device to connect to the internet (eg. Cell phone, laptop or tablet) in order to complete the online quiz and evaluation form in class. Free wifi is available.

Course Content :

  • Basic customer service, communication & teamwork skills
  • Relationships between service quality, customer experience, and business objectives
  • The importance of frontline employees in service sector businesses
  • Expectations from the point of view of customers, employers, and employees
  • Communication etiquette and best practices
  • Service recovery techniques

Prerequisites :

There is no previous training required for this course

Course Duration :


Course Fee (Plus taxes) :


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Please contact us if you want to schedule this course for your organisation and for corporate discounts.