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Working with chemicals and other hazardous substances? Get certified in 2 hours and learn how to protect yourself, your colleague and your employees. Know your rights and responsibilities before commencing work.


Occupational Health and Safety regulations, part 5.6 states -  An employer must ensure that general WHMIS education, as it pertains to the workplace, is provided to workers on the

(a) Elements of the WHMIS program,

(b) Major hazards of the hazardous products in use in the workplace,

(c) Rights and responsibilities of employers and workers, and

(d) Qontent required on labels and SDSs, and the significance of this information

This course is designed to do exactly the same. It provides workers with the information and knowledge necessary to work with and around hazardous substances.  Every student receives a WHMIS book published by Worksafe BC. 

Follow the link below to read more about OH&S regulation part 5



DUE TO COVID, We are running an online WHMIS course via ZOOM for 2 hours

Course Content :

  • WHMIS overview
  • Changes to WHMIS 2015 under GHS (globally harmonized system)
  • How hazardous products are classified
  • WHMIS pictograms - identification and introduction
  • WHMIS labels and components on labels
  • Safet data sheets and their sections

Prerequisites :

There is no previous training required for this course.

Course Duration :


Course Fee (Plus taxes) :


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Please contact us if you want to schedule this course for your organisation and for corporate discounts.