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SafeGen Training offers a wide range of Health Protection, Workplace Safety, First Aid and many more courses that can provide you with in-depth information, knowledge and certification for different subjects.

Amandeep Ahluwalia


“Building A Safer Workplace” work with you – one at a time to tailor make solutions to suit your business needs. SafeGen training wants to contribute to a safer food industry and safer workplaces. In addition to this our vision is to educate employees so they learn how to stay safe, how to keep others safe because – somebody is waiting at home!!! The mission is to create a safe environment for every person related to industry by preventing health and work-related hazards.

Amandeep Ahluwalia
Chief Operating Officer ǀ Certified Instructor

Amandeep – born and brought up in India, moved to UK at an early age of 21 has been a part of Training & Development since 2009. He started his career as a trainer more than 10 years ago when one of the leading Multi-national organization in United Kingdom appointed him for his dream job to achieve what he always looked up to – learn and teach! As a training coordinator, he polished his skills while delivering health & safety and food safety training, educating staff from operations to senior management level. Amandeep was always passionate and enthusiastic about his work. He was always eager to learn new things and spread education and awareness amongst others.

In 2017, he moved to Canada & was appointed as a Food Safety and GMP Trainer at the biggest Indian ethnic producer in Canada. He took this job as a golden opportunity to prove himself as a proficient trainer in North America. He implements his proven methods as a certified PCQI (Process controls qualified individual) professional to help other food suppliers in the industry. Amandeep has been teaching with various training institutes across the lower mainland while moon lighting his food safety consultation side of career. But as a certified OFA, IVES, Red cross, Go2HR, Food Safe instructor, he wanted to turn his passion for an independent business.

For him, a success story doesn’t end upon mastering the art. He took this vision as a motivation and his passion for training individuals gave him the idea to start SafeGen Training Inc. This training institute fulfils and certifies his dream to go out, talk to people, learn and teach, train, implement Health & Safety and Food Safety across the province. He looks forward to utilize his extensive experience of ten years and CIEH level 3 knowledge to train successful food safety professionals as well as Health & Safety at work place.

Talking about training, Amandeep Quotes Sir Richard Branson “Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to”

“Having worked in food industry and H&S industry for numerous years, my objective is to ensure everybody returns to their families uninjured and healthy at the end of each working shift. To be able to make this dream a reality, we are working towards creating awareness and education amongst food businesses to protect health of general public. At the same time creating awareness for other business to ensure their workers return to their families safely. We all have a role to play. Put Safety First!” - Amandeep

Amandeep Ahluwalia